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I was a Messed up Kid

Well, maybe I wasn't too different than most kids.
I just needed my thought processes to mature.
What is really crazy is how long it takes for the thoughts to mature.

One thought matured about a month ago and I'm almost the age of fifty.
I remember when I was a junior age girl walking up our one fourth mile long gravel driveway on our farm to wait for the school bus by our mailbox.
I guess we had to write a paper for school. A portion of it we'd write how our parents showed us that they loved us.

It was suggested that dads show their love by working and providing for the family.
I of young mind thought, that doesn't make me feel loved. He would work to pay for things whether there was a me or not.
I knew it wasn't necessarily right thinking, but it was how I felt.

Recently, I was thinking about our Heavenly Father providing for us and waiting for us to thank Him.
Shouldn't I thank Him because He provides for His other children, not just me?

Shouldn't I thank Him for the gorgeous sunrise since I'm not the only the sees it?
Do I not thank Him for being able to hear the sweet chirping of the birds, since others hear them too?

What If all of His children thought like that?
How sad if not one of His children smiled up at Him and thanked Him for the things He lovingly provides for them!

I want to be one who notices and makes Him feel glad that He loves and cares for us.

So - - - thanks, Dad, that I was one of your kids for whom you provided.
Sorry that I didn't have the wisdom to realize you would liked someone to notice and appreciate what you did for us.
Thanks You, God, for what you provided for all of us down here on earth.
Thank You for being patient as I slowly learn to personally appreciate what You have been giving to me all along, trying to show me You love me.

07/03/2012 Connie Vignere
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